admin outubro 26, 2018

By Antonella Zugliani

Journalist Carmen Scandiuzzi, publisher TV Estadão, opened the second part of the second day of the week state of the press. View examples of the cover of the House, Carmen talked about the importance of the participation of university professors in the fix commented out tests. The TV uses Skype tool to provide interaction with professionals in the studio.

Then the coordinator of the national campaign for the right to education, Daniel man, opened his speech stressing that the whooping of the coverage of the education corridor. “What more attracts the audience is the question of the world”. Guy also defined the “three missions” of Education:
– Preparing the citizen to have the ability to enter the labour market;
– Preparing the citizen to have the ability to be participatory, and therefore charge the car;
– Preparing the citizen for the world of work (any productive activity).

To the coordinator of the discussion of Health and education in Brazil does not know the safety of classroom discussion with National Education Policy.

The termination of the debate, the minister of national education for Higher Education Anna Dayse, said that “education must be seen in a broad sense”. To support his argument, Anna made the law of guidelines and rules education problematizou the issue of Educational Planning in the Federal Constitution of 1988. “We need money, but we need to be in good condition to spend,” he says. The Secretary ended his speech with an excerpt from Paolo Freire: “education is an act of love, so an act of courage.”

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