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Magna Carta
Magna Carta

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It was the year 1215 when King John, of England, gave the message: from the monarch be most absolute powers over everything and everyone. Not even is the same. This is the main content of the Magna Carta document extinguia certain privileges from the king, and forced those who used the following to deliver the commandments to the laws. No: the real power will be less people to have some women in the case of prevention in the hands of a tyrant – something that is demanded by the population wealthy at that time.

A document written more than 800 years ago, considered one of the political beliefs most important in British history. It is not an exaggeration to say Western history. Very historians, the Magna Carta can be seen to kick off the long road to the emergence of the Constitution and the laws that are available in fact endeusar European blue blood.

The formulation of his handwriting, the Magna Carta is alive today in four copies. The two of them in the National Library of the United Kingdom is one of the largest companies in the world, with more than 150 million items. The remaining is saved in the churches, the two cathedrals-Anglican the country: one in Lincoln and one in Salisbury.

In last Thursday (25) of the list suffered the kind of attack. Police in the county of Wiltshire, which belongs to the city of Salisbury, arrested a man suspected in his attempt to drag the message to his beats a glass box, where the audience learns.

The alarm which drew the attention of the security guards from the Salisbury Cathedral appeared shortly before 17h when the exposure be over the period of the visit. All the people who are still finishing the script had to evacuate the building. All by a 45-year-old was hit with a sledgehammer the width of the glass where the document is exposed.

Achieve hell, baderneiro tried to escape, but not before fighting with the staff of the cathedral. A group of guards managed to intercept the suspect in the gardens of the church that was gathering until the arrival of the police. According to the newspaper The Art Newspaper’scompany search now by selecting a month from work.

“We are very relieved that no one was injured during the incident and that the Magna Carta also remained the same. We are very grateful to all who say with the situation in a calm and efficient, ” the management of Salisbury Cathedral in a statement. “We regret the fact that now we have a copy of the Magna Carta will be available to visitors. We will work in order to return to your home as soon as possible”.

The document has not damaged, and the price on the day of the anger of the owner of the sledge hammer is still no reason until now. You will see some of the heir to the crown of frustration.

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