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Recently at a meeting in FAAP aimed at parents of vestibulandos journalist Marcelo Tas, referring to the digital universe that is dominated by humanity, he pointed out that this is one of the most prominent features are endless provision of information to overcome the astronomical revolution was born of Gothenburg.

In fact, if the possession of information is no longer the preserve of a professor or a senior, if anyone can access information in seconds, in the most diverse of sources, the role of the educator has seen a surge deep: from transmitter of information, teachers must assume the roles of more noble and more deeply sensitive while tutors.


Marcelo Tas in the lecture my father vestibulandos (photo: Fernando Silveira)


Awaken in the learner the ability to critically select and evaluate information; to guide you in the pursuit of secure sources; to encourage the establishment of links and, finally, to draw conclusions of more personal freedom as possible the intervention of the biased, a major task!

And those who do not give account will throw more of the story!

If you don’t get very clear what is the fundamental challenge of this digital universe, we run the risk of drowning in the effective age of Darkness, which is ignorance boastful resulting from the distorted information will cause alienation card with her lesbian civilization, a phenomenon already mentioned.


Professor Henry Vailati Nate is the director of the college FAAP – SP. Graduated in history and education, a master’s degree in Business Administration. Is University professor in the disciplines of sociology and political science. He has four sons and four grandchildren.


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