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Sayaka Murata, 39 years old, is one of the big names in Japanese literature. The tenth book Konbini, it is the first gain translation Portuguese came to Brazil by editora station, having sold 700 thousand copies in Japan and translated into 17 other languages.

The story has fascinated a lot of people because it puts several question marks about the default behavior of the current society – is to read the advice for every writer, self-help, in particular, which publishes the work of simple recipes work better. Who considered himself a “good citizen” and live to fight quixotescamente company of the world, such as cable Daciolo on his promise to destroy the statues of the Havan, you may be surprised with the Japanese light novel.

An important part from the point of view of women, which seeks all the time does not cause the strangeness of your way of being, but more they are looking for a way to go unnoticed, most of them to cope with these characteristics. The protagonist and narrator is Kiko Furukura, 36-year-old journalist Nicolas Gatting, the Japan Times, has been known well: “deadly serious circumstances, is ridiculous”. And this duality is the main undercurrent found by the author to bring out the humor in situations that could only be disgust.

Kiko works since 18 years in the store (Konbini, test in Japanese). Family and friends insist that she look for a better job, but the unification of the rules of that establishment will give you comfort. This is where you really feel understood, because there is no evidence of conduct that makes employees on an equal footing. She believes that you can hear to the store and anticipate what customers will need. However, it did not function effectively.

Difficult to belong to the world comes from childhood. As a child, hit with shovel in the head from a colleague and didn’t understand why they take the scolding of the teachers, because the student was disrupting class. Also I didn’t understand the logic of friends have the idea of burying the dead birds in the past. Because it was much more reasonable to put it on the grill.

Most of the work, on a visit to the home of his sister, says: “the child began to cry. My sister ran to catch him by the neck and was trying to shut him up. I looked for a small knife that she had used to cut the cake: Inn on the table. My sister seemed to be suffering so much poor… I thought that if the goal is only to make the child be quiet, it will be very easy. I cleaned the lips soiled by the cream cake and watched as it focuses the child.”

Kiku note very clearly the influence of others on it. The protagonist realizes that he expresses himself in the same tone of his colleague at work. At the same time passes….. Another employee, which have more or less my age. Your clothes will be praised by my sister and Kiko was fine with it.

The quest to please those who are around you comes to a point is the deal of the nonsense with Shiraha and his colleague Kara and socially. It provides home and food in exchange of the relationship of the facade. “It’s like a pet,” he says. So you should expect that family and friends will stop annoying him with the fact did not interest her in sex.

The author as well as a novel, worked in a shop, which is the period that are important in the repair of the behavior of the people have time to write. The following is the interview that was granted by the way by e-mail.

What was the influence of this book cause in Japan?

The character that “becomes human” through the image of the cold to the guide, seems to have impressed a lot of readers. “I’m a normal person, however, I don’t know what ‘normal’ means” many of them said.

Why do you think that this work also earned a lot of Fame in the other countries?

The idea that the shop is overly polite is the case in Japan is amazing, but I think that a little bit of that fame may be due to the interest in this Japanese side. In addition to the comfort in relation to the idea of “natural” is the theme of all over the place, it transcends times and cultures, there is probably that aspect that’s easy to learn.

Who is Kiko Furukura in your opinion?

Kiko Furukura is “mirror”. A presence that reflects the true nature, of the people around you. When you consider the average person placed in front of her, I imagine it should be stunned when you see your figure in the strange reflected in the latter.

You work in a store. Suffered any type of control as in the novel?

People close to you didn’t tell me anything, but I felt uneasy when the young man from the night shift commented despitefully that doesn’t have to do nozzles on your age and told me I should get a girlfriend soon.

‘Dear Konbini questions the default behavior. Do you think that the world in the development of the acceptance of differences?

Yes, I think. Editor who must be respected and said that reading novels extends its existence. I think to imagine the lives of others, and to expand our presence and makes us accept people who are different from us, that is my hope.

Another topic addressed in the book are the Refer. As you can see, the issue of gender equality in Japan and in the world?

I went to that “cute girl” since childhood, this was very painful and I didn’t know who I was for a long time. I can say thanks for the books. I think that discrimination on the basis of sex is deeply rooted in Japan, and, in some cases, a lot of people can’t even realize what is suffering. However, I think things are finally starting to change little by little. I have hopes.

There are a growing number of people that choose to close on a certain universe and avoid social interaction. What do you think about this?

I don’t think that living in a world of its own is a bad thing. How beautiful it is to live in a strange world, that only we can see. Although I think it would be more beautiful if we can show to others and appreciate the worlds of each other.

It is really like to be a writer in Japan? You can’t live just from books?

In Japan, most of the book see the bottom of the deadlines. There are many who have published many books in a year. I can’t write several works at the same time, so I write slowly. There are publishers I can say we drank and we talked and we created a relationship of trust. Currently I can live only of activity as a writer.

What are you doing? Already have the date of publication of a new novel?

A new book called the inhabitants of the planet Earth (Chikyū in Ultraman) have recently been published. The narrative is more idiosyncratic, sad and grotesque of Dear Konbini. Don’t work any more in the store, then go to a cafe and write while I drink my tea black. I’m writing a new piece today.

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